Scribblenauts Remix on iPad Not Working

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I just downloaded Scribblenauts Remix on iPad 2. After installing, the game does not work. After opening it, it just closes on its own. What should I do to make it work?

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Scribblenauts Remix on iPad Not Working


Have you checked if the version of Scribblenauts Remix you downloaded is compatible with iPad2? Then, if it is, try this:

1.       Turn off the iPad2.

2.       After 10 seconds, turn it on again.

3.        Uninstall the Scribblenauts Remix.

4.       Turn the iPad2 off, and wait for another 10 seconds to turn it on.

5.       Install the Scribblenauts Remix again.

If this does not work, try downloading the app again and install it.

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Scribblenauts Remix on iPad Not Working



The good news is that Scribblenauts Remix is compatible with iPad 2. But you are facing an unexpected shutdown of the game on your device. This problem can be solved by resetting your iPad. These are the following steps on how to reset the iPad – 

1. Press the Hold and Home button at the same time. 

2. Any of the two things will happen – the screen will flash and become dark or a red slider will appear at the top. 

3. If the slider appears, slide it to turn off your device. 

4. The iPad will be turned off. 

5. Now, Turn on the iPad by holding down the Hold button. The Apple icon will appear. Follow the instructions as appears on your screen. 

6. Your iPad 2 reset is complete now.

7. Re install Scribblebauts Remix on the device. Restart your device now. 

8. Run the game. It should run now.

By resetting the iPad, you should not lose your data or settings. But sometimes it does, so it is advised to you to backup your data before doing a reset to your device. 

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Scribblenauts Remix on iPad Not Working


Before downloading and installing anything on your device, make sure you check if it’s compatible with your device. The game Scribblenauts Remix by Warner Bros. supports iOS 5.1.1 and up. This system requirement refers to the latest version of Scribblenauts Remix and not to older versions. If your device is running on an older operating system, try upgrading to the latest possible version supported by your device.

You can use iTunes to update your device. You can download iTunes from Download iTunes Now. Scribblenauts Remix is designed actually for iPad and iPhone. On the other hand, if you have a fully supported device but you can’t make the game work, uninstall it and then turn off your iPad for about a minute or two.

After this, restart your device and then install Scribblenauts Remix back then see if this works. Scribblenauts Remix is also available in Android. Go to Scribblenauts Remix on Google Play to download.

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