Screen Rotation Problem on Droid Razr Maxx

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In my Droid Razr Maxx, certain apps/games are creating the 'auto-rotation lock' problem on vertical position. Enabling and disabling  the auto-rotation has no effect on this since it is already locked. The only solution is to restart the phone. Any help would be appreciated!


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Screen Rotation Problem on Droid Razr Maxx


I had my research based on your concern, i found out that those people have their Droid Razr Maxx have the same issue as well. As you have mentioned rebooting the phone will be a temporary solution. It may work at the moment but still the problem will insist. That is why i went directly to  Motorola Forums and to other different forums that i think i could get some answers. Many posters are looking for the same solution. According to what i have read, Some are saying that it could be an application that you have downloaded to your phone and other's are saying that it is a BUG!

I have read a comment on what might be the cause of having auto-rotates/accelerometer Bug! People having Droid Razr Maxx experienced a bug where in auto-rotate is not working properly not unless you have rebooted your device.
The Bug may be caused of poor signal reception, in particular locations. In the beginning, he had his phone with no issues or problem occurred during its first week from home. Then he got into a different location with poor signal. Then the problem starts, and he needs to restart his phone over and over just to get the accelerometer working again.
While he went from a different location with poor signal the accelerometer of his phone is not working properly either. Therefore, try to reboot your device wherein you have a good signal reception.
As I read from other different forums aside from, and they don't have any answers yet and still looking for it.
I have attached here the print screen of the particular comment that can help you understand more and to support my solution.

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