Screen that keeps flashing the Debian logo and nothing else

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I installed the Debian GNU/Linux operating system and ran into a problem after installing. It simply stopped and showed a screen that kept flashing the Debian logo and nothing else. There was no way to enter anything on the keyboard so I used scrolling to look for an error message but found none. I restarted the system and got the following error message:

‘error hd0, msdos5 read error

entering rescue mode  >’

I am curious as to why I’m seeing MS DOS5 when I am installing Linux software? Please advise me on what to do. Thanks.

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Screen that keeps flashing the Debian logo and nothing else


The "hd0,msdos5" that is referred to in the error message is the fifth partition of the first hard drive, and the "msdos" means the that disk is running on msdos "historical" IBM partition scheme, which is being used as the default choice for most of partition utilities.

What the error message means is that grub cannot be able to access the fifth partition of your first disk, and that partition is most probably the one that you designated so as it has the /boot or / (root) file-system. The problem could be due to a file-system corruption, or maybe a disk problem, an address error or maybe just a plain bug. So you will need to troubleshoot that.

-Richard Gabriel


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