Scratch Disk is full over 150GB free hd space

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I am working on PhotoShop maybe for more than one hour with just one image retouching. When I used the clone/stamp tool, the system prompts me an error message and says my scratch disks are full. I have only one drive and one partition which is 250GB of space. I check the free disk space in my drive C and I have more than 150GB space available. How could this be since I have a lot of space available on my hard disk?

Please help.

Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Extended

Could not complete your request because the scratch disks are full.

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Scratch Disk is full over 150GB free hd space


Hello Yolly,
PhotoShop uses a part of hard disk which is called to be a scratch disk for using it as
temporary storage differ from your computers RAM. Default setup should be your primary partition
since you only have 1 partition
"Could not complete Your request because the Scratch disks are full" error states that probably your hard disk is full
But as you have stated you still got 150GB free
It would be a case that you're scratch disk is pointing to a removable storage
you can check it going to you edit menu then point to preference then plugins and scratch disks
select in your local drive
In other cases It is possible that your PhotoShop has been pointed to a part of your hard disk
that was been a bad sector or could have been defragmented
You can try doing a Check disk along with disk defragmenter on these


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Scratch Disk is full over 150GB free hd space


Hi Yolly

The problem is that you trying to duplicate an image and the hard drive on your computer does not have sufficient space to hold it.  Files created in PhotoShop are usually enormous, hence take up a lot of space. So, this scratch disk is where PhotoShop store these files for a short time. The scratch disk is also where your other computer files are stored, which is the hard drive. Therefore, the hard drive is the scratch disk for Photoshop. Both PhotoShop and your other computer files are sharing the same hard drive. It would be good if you find another drive for your scratch disk to reduce the chances of getting these error messages. Even though you checked and your hard drive still has space, it is still not sufficient for Photoshop. You would have to defragment your system to create additional space for PhotoShop to function.

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