A Scanner Error Message Display

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Good Morning.

I really need someone with good IT knowledge to help me understood and solve this problem occurring on my Scanner.

Above is the error message appearing . I need someone to tell me what causes this.

What will I do to solve this error?

Thank you.




The package iscan should be installed but it contains proprietary binary-only i386-only software.Therefore it is only available for i386-compatible architectures.Some scanners are also supported by another driver.If you really want to install iscan,you must do it manually. Iscan is only available as 32-bit software.On AMD 64-bit(x86_64) systems the scanner driver in the iscan package works only if also the scanning user frontend is 32-bit software.You can use the special frontend /usr/bin/iscan for Epson scanners which is included in the iscan package.If you like to use a standard frontend like scanimage,xscanimage,xsane,or kooka,you must explicitly install the 32-bit package version (i.e.get the package from the right media or repository)..

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A Scanner Error Message Display


Hello Macraw,

It seems that you are encountering problems to your scanner. To make it more understandable, it said that your scanner is incompatible to your Computer. Inscan is compatible for 32-bit operating systems, so it means that your computer is running 64-bit. The problem today is that, most of the softwares released are set to 32-bit system but contrast to hardware stuffs like CPU and Hard disks are more often 64-bit so they are not meeting their expectations to run the program smoothly. The solution at least you can do is to know the specification of your Computer, know the software's capability and requirements to avoid such problems.

I hope this helps.

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A Scanner Error Message Display


The error means the driver for your scanner is designed for 32-bit computers only and will not work on 64-bit machines. It also means you are using a 64-bit computer and you can’t install the software. One workaround that might work is to make sure that the frontend software is also 32-bit to make the software work on 64-bit platforms.

Try visiting the manufacturer’s website then go to “Support” page. Here, enter your scanner’s model number or serial number to search. When the product is located, click it to go to the download page. Select your correct operating system then download and install all available drivers and software for your machine.

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