Problems that occurred in the scanner

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Year ago I was given a scanner from my parents.


brand: Flatbed

because at home in desperate need of a scanner, the scanner is used at home for almost 24 hours a day. early last year began a scanner is not working little by little. when I use the scanner for college in July, the scanner does not display results in scanned images.

I've tried to fix it but the scanner does not work

please give me solution

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Problems that occurred in the scanner




Here are the steps to follow to make your scanner work:

The first thing you need to do is to check the cable connections. Be sure that it is connected to your pc, the power light is turned on and make sure that the power cord is plugged properly.  Second is to  try testing the scanner base on the manufactures manual.  Try to check if your scanner will run on a self test mode, if not look for a software found in your scanners and make it work. Next thing is try to check the website of your manufacture. Download new versions of instruction and then follow it. When your scanning documents be sure that you close other applications. If this aint working try to consider adding RAM but make sure that your hard drive has a lot of space. Find  anti virus software that goes well with your  scanners software. Don’t forget to close the anti virus and check if your pc runs works faster. Hope this works. Thank you.

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