Scan for lost partitions in HDD

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Hi there,

I had a serious virus problem a couple of days ago and the only way to remove was to delete the partitions and create new partitions only after having a low level format had been done.

I want to recover a very small amount of data (around 20mb), so I am asking is there software that can scan for lost partitions ?


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Scan for lost partitions in HDD



Yes there are many software which will help you to recover your file but I am not insuring you that these softwares will must do as well you want. Personally I have some experience about lost my important file before my last deadline of assignment. You can use “Recuva free software”. Personally I have used it when I face this type of problem maximum time it works well but sometimes it's not. 

Best of luck


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Scan for lost partitions in HDD


Unfortunately, the thing you want is not possible because the partition or partitions have been deleted. Also, performing a low-level format on your hard drive is not required if your problem is simply with virus infection. If the infection is so severe, a simple format on the hard drive or partitions is enough to remove the virus. A standard format and low-level format are not the same.

In normal hard disks, the first time a low-level format or LLF is performed, the disk’s platters start out empty. This is also the last time the platters will be empty for the life of the drive. You don’t low-level format a drive more than once because it can damage the disk. When you perform a low-level format, it creates the tracks and sectors on a hard drive.

This creates the physical format that dictates where data is stored on the disk. Modern hard drives are low-level formatted at the factory for the life of the drive. You cannot perform a low-level format using a PC on modern IDE/ATA or SCSI drives because doing so will destroy the hard disk. Another term used for low-level format is “physical format”.

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