Saving a document in MS Excel creates a Temp file

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A Temp file also created automatically whenever I save a document in MS Excel. I am using Windows 2007 while this problem happens in 2003. Can anyone explain it for me that what the problem is and how it can be solved?

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Saving a document in MS Excel creates a Temp file



Whenever you save a file in Excel, it will always create a temp file in the folder where you are supposed to save your file. This is normal. All the contents of your file will be saved in this temp file first and once the whole process of saving is complete, the temp file will be saved as using the name that you specify. 

This ensures that if the save is not successful, you will still have the contents of your original work. Unless there you see a lot of temp not being saved properly then having these temp files are part of the normal way Excel saves. You should be seeing an error message if there’s an issue with how you save files. If so, it might be best to send those error messages over. Otherwise, it’s fine.

Here a KB article from Microsoft discussing temp files and Excel:

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