Save Your Time With File Manager Windows 7

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What is a file manager and what are the types? Explain in brief about afile manager windows 7.

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Save Your Time With File Manager Windows 7


A file manager supplies an interface to manage directories and their file. We can create, view, rename, move, delete, search files and modify their properties. There are types of file manager:

1) Orthodox file manager:

• It has three windows .One active(delete and rename operations), one passive panel (copy functions) and a command line window(for commands).

• It has a terminal window for execution of commands.

• No dependency on the mouse and you can work entirely with the keyboard.

• There are built-in viewer and built-in editor. Also, there is a word commander named as Norton Commander.

• It shows the path of in-use directory, information about the directory and files.

• It has tabbed interface.

2) Navigational file manager

It has two panes, file system tree in left and contents of the current directory in right. Here we can view several folders simultaneously.

3) Spatial file manager

4) 3D file manager

5) Web-based file manager

XYplorer is a file manager for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. It is a combination of orthodox and navigational file manager. It provides tabbed browsing, file search, a versatile preview, customizable interface, dual pane.

It is portable thus requires no installation and running it won’t change your system.

It is tabbed thus allows switching between directories easily.

It is made to save our time.

We can program this app without the need of plugins. Ready to use scripts are available which is a benefit for beginners.

It can be customized.

Our problems are instantly solved thus it is responsive as well.


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