File Backup Software Windows 7, To Get Back The Lost Data.

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Information is the base for any work. But what if you miss the base? Certainly, a reason to panic. Describe a way in which we can recover our data i.e., file backup software windows 7.

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File Backup Software Windows 7, To Get Back The Lost Data.


Technology has advanced, and our future depends on Digitalism. We all are aware of our mission- Digital India. Thus computers are our companions now. All of us use computers and laptops on our daily basis. The software consists of data and programs. Data is set of information whereas Program is a set of instructions.

When we consider an educational system, databases of students is included in data. But what will happen if you lose the data? A BIG LOSS!

There are number of reasons that result into data loss. Some of them are: accidental file deletion, mechanical damage of hard drive, viruses through the net, water spilled on the computer etc.

As it is said, every problem has a solution. There is an easy and free solution to back up your data perfectly. The reliable and recommended software is ‘AOMEI BACKUPPER’. It is easy to download and use.

‘AOMEI BACKUPPER’ is designed for Windows 7/8/8.1/10. It is not only useful for backup of files and folder but also an entire hard drive. There are many features included .some of them are as follows:

• For security purposes, it allows you to provide a password to your backups.

• You can view your previous and present backups by view option.

• You can either backup the useful data or the entire data.

• Wildcards allow you to exclude hidden folder from being backed up

• If you have chosen a location for the backup and there isn’t enough space for it; AOMEI does warn you to clean for a smooth and fast backup.

• It is always good to be ready before time. You can put reminders for a backup after a specific period of time.

• You are informed about the backup completion or errors through an email.

Basic steps included while the backup task:

1) Once you download ‘AOMEI BACKUPPER Standard’, you will find a backup option on the left side of the tab. Click on it and then select System backup.

2) Then add a task name to your backup.

3) Select step-2 and give your location for backup.

4) Finally, get started with your backup.

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