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Hello all

I am working on a proof of idea for SRM at our corporation and have found a problem. 

Mention that, I have used two test Vcentres set up and working fine, one is protected and another is at recovery.

Every VCentre has its individual SQL server database on individual systems.

Also I have a DSN made for the VCentre as well as make a DSN to a detach database on the similar database server in all site.

When I attempt to fix the SRM database by using the DSN, it is very well. When I attempt to find the SRM set up to notice the database it shows the following error message:

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Unable to use the specified database. VMware vCenter Site
Recovery Manager cannot use the same database as the vCenter

I am utilizing two detach databases, one for SRM and one for Vcentre.

Please help me to solve it.

Thanks a lot.

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S R M V Mware


Hello Chet,

There are various possible causes the issue that you are getting right now, some which are the following:

  1. It could be an Ad Hoc Query Plan bug. This bug can be easily identified using the SpSitemanager and then fixed.
  2. The error could also be as a result of Speed and Duplex Settings NOT being specified for both the NIC as well as the switch.
  3. It could the misconfiguration of the NIC Drivers on your computer or it could be just a bad NIC driver.
  4. A damaged NIC as well as a very rarely a bad/damaged network cable could result to such a problem.
  5. When you are utilizing one VLAN on the switch and then placing both the Internal NIC as well as the Public NIC on the same subnet, that kind of problem could occur.
  6. If you are using Unicast mode for the WLBS without observing the right procedure, it could cause the switch into perceiving the WLBS as port flooding, and therefore causing the issue.




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