Wireless charging mat: Introduced by Dodge.

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Now it’s easy to keep the inside of your car clean.

Because Dodge has introduced wireless charging mat, the 2013 Dart.

Can anyone tell me what is the price of this industry first wireless charging mat?

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Wireless charging mat: Introduced by Dodge.


Most people (me also) are sick of multiple wires just lying here and there specially in car. It is boring to Roll and place wired charger every time after charging your mobile.

Now famous automobile manufacturer DOGE has solved the issue by introducing industry’s first wireless charging mat. Doge will offer this in its new model Dodge dart 2013. After first time fitting of special case to mobile, you just need to place your mobile on the mat and it will start charging automatically.

This mat can charge MP3 players, IPhone, black Berry and Android Phones.

It price is said to be 199.99 $ and it is will not be company fitted in car, it will be installed by dealer so you may have to pay installation charges.

Other than wireless charging mat for car, wireless charging pad is available for home use. This pad works same as above said mat.

After first time installation, you can charge up to 3 devices by placing them on this pad. So now of can get rid of charging wires even in home and offices. Price of home wireless charging pad is 99.99$.

You can get more information about home pad from the given link.

I hope you will find it helpful.

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