Running image doctor makes Photoshop hang

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I just installed the Image Doctor 2 plug-in for Photoshop.  Why is it that when I am running Image Doctor 2 in Photoshop, Photoshop keeps on hanging?  I use Adobe Photoshop CS6.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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Running image doctor makes Photoshop hang


Hello Elias,

Plugin hangs for programs though selective often has an underline fundamental issue; greater CPU usage.

Hanging in computer processes generally communicates limited memory space for a program to run.

A number of programs on a PC would compete for RAM access) when running simultaneously

Your Image Doctor 2 plug-in is certainly demanding more RAM access, so how do you give access is the question.

Image Doctor 2 plug-in hanging property make it a high CPU consumer.

To ease CPU usage for your plugin: wikiHOW / ansYahoo!

Please ensure that the Image Doctor 2 plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS6 is up to date (If not, get it).

Then install plugin and run program

Little changes can have great impact so go on and try.

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