Runner Error after installing Yahoo Anti Spyware Toolbar

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I am getting the following error messages: Runner error. Cannot be able to start target dll. Error number is 126. This error message is coming after the installation of Yahoo Anti Spyware toolbar. I have scanned the whole computer system and deleted the indicated files with the ‘Spybot Search & Destroy’. I have also downloaded the Microsoft security upgrades and another error message is coming with the previous one.   ‘INI file is not able to find, continue to load default language’. But after continuing by pressing enter, the message still comes. Please help me to figure out this problem.

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Runner Error after installing Yahoo Anti Spyware Toolbar


The *.dll and *.ini problems are usually caused by the problems with the registry entries of the application that is resulting to the problem, and therefore the reasons why the yahoo tool bar is malfunctioning after you install it is because of the following:

  • The yahoo tool bar application that you installed has some important components missing which are required for it to work properly and therefore the lack of components makes some registry entries not to be installed. You will need to obtain another application setup for the yahoo tool bar and use it for the installation.
  • There may be malware on your computer that is responsible for the corruption of the dll and the .ini files of the yahoo tool bar and therefore you will have to perform a full scan of your system with a strong antivirus to remove it.

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