Run both xp and windows 7

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Is there a way I can install both Windows 7 and XP at the same time since I want to run some software designed exclusively for win XP.

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Run both xp and windows 7



You can accomplish this by creating a multi boot system.

Creating a multi boot system simply means installing two operating systems on your computer. Accomplishing this requires that you install XP before Windows 7. If you are running Windows 7 you need to remove it following the following steps.

  1. Backup all your important data on an external disk.
  2. Restart the computer and boot from a hirens boot cd from here
  3. Select the eases partition manager after the computer boots from the CD and create two partitions and format them then shut down the computer.
  4. Now boot the computer from the Windows XP CD and install the OS.
  5. Once you are done installing the Windows XP shut down the computer and boot from the windows 7 installation disk.
  6. Follow the prompts to install the Windows 7 into a DIFFERENT partition.
  7. You can now always log into your computer using either Windows XP or 7.


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Run both xp and windows 7



The answer is yes this is called dual boot I will give you a step by step procedure for this. First of all want you to see the outcome of this tutorial that were going to make at the end of this tutorial when you turn your computer you are going to select what operating system you boot either XP of Windows 7.

Window boot manager

1. Install the Windows XP first and set the drivers of this later.

2. After doing installing Windows XP then boot the Windows 7 bootable disk go into the command prompt from the system recovery option.

In the command prompt select and shrink the Windows XP volume by how many MB you want so that you can have a space for your Windows 7 partition.

Windows XP

 3. After that click X at the command prompt to close it.

And click X again to close system recover option see the red box that is the one you going to press.

System Recovery

4. Click on the install button now for Windows 7 installation.

Windows 7 Installation

5. When you get to this point in the image below selects the partition where you install Windows 7.

Unlocated Space

6. After you select the partition finish the installation of Windows 7.

After installing Windows 7 in the bootup of your computer you will see two selections of OS whether you boot on XP or Windows 7.

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Run both xp and windows 7


Windows XP Mode available upon Windows 7 Professional and also Windows 7 Ultimate let you run various Computers environments, not to mention Windows XP Mode, within your Windows 7 Computer.

To install XP mode, you must run genuine Windows 7 on your computer. You can access your Windows 7 Known folders: My Documents, Pictures, Desktop, Music, and Video, from inside the virtual Windows environment, such as Windows XP Mode.

You can cut and paste between your Windows 7 host and virtual Windows XP mode. Also publish and launch applications installed on virtual Windows XP mode directly from the Windows 7 desktop, as if they were installed on the Windows 7 host itself.

Download windows XP mode please visit.

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