Help me with windows product activation remove

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There is always black screen in my windows background each time I log on in my windows 7, is there any way to solve this problem without using any illegal software? How can I get rid of this product activation window?

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Help me with windows product activation remove


Hello James,

There’s no way to remove that black screen thing in your desktop without purchasing a legit copy of your Windows. Do not try to use any illegal or manipulated software tool to obtain a valid license code. This usually comes with Trojans and other viruses.



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Help me with windows product activation remove



Using windows update you will get security updates, but sometime the updates can cause some malware to initiate black screen while your windows booting up. The updates really give trouble than being useful and this usually happens for windows 7 / Vista / XP only. There is nick for this problem, that is “Black Screen of Death”

To solve this problem, you can do:

  • System Restore.

Boot your windows into safe mode, and from there proceed to restore your windows back to the condition before the update (Roll back the updates that causing black screen)

  • Anti- Malware.

The same like step above, we go into safe mode, but in the safe mode we want to remove any malware that can cause the black screen

  • Display settings.

Another possible problem is caused by your display setting, if yes then again go to safe mode and you need to make changes in your display setting using screen refresh rate 60 hertz.

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Help me with windows product activation remove


If you have a black screen after logging in to Windows, that is probably the Black Screen of Death or BSoD. BSoD doesn’t only refer to Blue Screen of Death but also means Black Screen of Death. In Blue Screen of Death, the most common cause is an incompatible driver that was recently installed or a hardware you added on your computer.

With my experience, I have encountered Blue Screen of Death too many times and there is not a single instance that is not caused by hardware or software. You can encounter Blue Screen of Death when you have a faulty hardware. In Windows 3.x, the Black Screen of Death is the behavior when a DOS-based application fails to execute properly.

Black Screen of Death can be encountered in MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 when the operating system cannot boot. The most common solution that worked for most users who encountered Black Screen of Death is to boot the computer using the “Last Known Good Configuration” option which needs to be accessed from the Windows Advanced Options Menu.

If you encounter the Black Screen of Death, here’s what you should do. Restart your computer then press F8 before the Windows logo appears. In the “Advanced Options Menu”, scroll down and select “Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)” then press Enter twice to boot using this option. See if this fixes the problem.

If this doesn’t work, check if you have a disc in your optical drive then remove it and then restart the computer. Aside from CDs in your optical drive, also check if a USB stick is plugged into one of your USB ports then remove it.

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