Rome Total War – Barbarian Invasion shows Generic Error

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Hi there,

I have installed Rome: Total War 1 month ago and it worked just fine until today when I have opened my PC. Last time when I played I made some changes in settings and saved some mission and closed the game with Alt+F4. I have this error message and I can’t run the game. Please someone help me to repair my game and tell me why is not working anymore ? How can I fix this and avoid any errors in the future with this game ?

Thank you !

Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion

Generic Error

Failed to find texture



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Rome Total War – Barbarian Invasion shows Generic Error


I think the way you closed the game resulted to deleting the file “region_borders_main_colour.tga” because the game can’t seem to find the said file in its supposed path. Though closing any programs including games can be done by simply pressing ALT + F4, it is still best to exit the program using its own Quit button or option.

I am also closing most of my games by pressing ALT + F4 and so far none of the games I have has an error. The best way to check if the file is really missing is to go to the indicated folder. Open Windows Explorer and go to “dataterrainaerial_mapindicators” in the game’s installation folder located in “C:Program Files” then find the file “region_borders_main_colour.tga”.

If the file is still there then maybe it is corrupted that’s why the game throws an error. You need to reinstall the game to restore the file. In case the file is really not there, you also need to reinstall it to restore the file. So, whichever is the reason, reinstalling the game is the best first step.

Before you reinstall it, copy the Save folder in a different location so your missions won’t be lost and then you can reinstall the game once you backed up the Save folder.

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