ROHAN: Blood Feud multiplayer game

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Hi Guys

Has anybody played ROHAN: Blood Feud. I was browsing the internet for a free multiplayer game and found this. There were 8 online games of which i liked ROHAN: Blood Feud. So has anybody played this game? If so How did u like the game?


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ROHAN: Blood Feud multiplayer game


Rohan: Blood Feud, one of the best multi player games available on the internet for free; it has the best graphics and quality music with packed features. With a huge world of variety to explore, Rohan has a wide variety of players and player options to choice from. The race and class choices are intertwined and each race represents a different class, the current classes are as follows;

  • Human Knight – a very tough race, appropriate for a leading role in causing fracas.
  • Elf Healer – this is mainly a race game.
  • Half Elf Archer – Organized to cause damage.
  • Dhan Assassin – A distinctive assassin race, they may initiate a unique assassin mode and ambush other players at will thereby acquire experience from their defeat.
  • Dekan Dragon Fighter – they are very dreadful in casting spells
  • Dark Elf Mage – they cast strong spells
  • Giant Warrior – A skirmish oriented class.

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