Reveal applications between iPad and iPhone

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Previously I have an iPhone and now I want to buy an iPad.  I want to utilize the iPhone being a cell phone and also utilize the iPad tablet being a computer/kindle. Can I reveal my applications, books and so on in between each device?

Any kind of ideas or even remarks will be really encouraged.

Thank you in advance for any help. 

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Reveal applications between iPad and iPhone


This is a very healthy and good approach that you are willing to buy an iPad to use it as a Kindle device and use the iPhone only as a mobile. I myself own and iPad but I mostly use it to watch movies, emails, twitter, Facebook and documents.

The question you have asked is a bit unclear. What type of applications you want to reveal between them? If you are asking that a book that you had purchased from apple through iPhone can also be used on iPad then yes you can.

But there is a small thing that I need to notify about applications. iPad has an HD resolutions so you have to download games that have written HD with their name for the iPad.

Though the simple iPhone apps will work on iPad but the display will be in 1x mode and when you do in 2x mode then it gets pixelated because it is not meant for such huge resolution.

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