Required MySQL AND Filemaker Pro information

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I have a client who wants to use FileMaker for a few things in his office, and I can give me build a web application. The last time I did it, or thought, or FileMaker I heard it about 10 years ago, and I seem to remember that I do not want to use it as a background for the web application sophisticated, so I think trying to sell them to MySQL. However, their FileMaker database is to talk to MySQL. Any idea how best for them to talk about low FileMaker?

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Required MySQL AND Filemaker Pro information


Required MySQL AND File maker Pro information:
FileMaker does have a solid PHP API so if the web app has relatively lightweight demands (e.g. in house use) then use that and save yourself the trouble of synchronization. FileMaker's ESS technology let's FileMaker use an SQL db. as the backend data source, which gives you 2 options:
• Use ESS as a nice tight way to synchronize right within FileMaker – that way you'd have a "native" data source to work with within the FileMaker solution per se.
• Use ESS to allow FileMaker to be used as a reporting/data mining/casual query and edit tool directly on the MySQL tables – it works sweet.
Building a sophisticated application in FileMaker with ESS/MySQL backend is very tricky, so your selection from above mentioned methods depends on how sophisticated and heavy duty that FileMaker usage is.
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