Rep 3000 Internal Error Oracle Toolkit

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An error occurred while executing the report (rdf) – ” REP-3000: internal error Start the Oracle Toolkit “.The report is a custom report that is executed by requests in the output format. PostScript (bitmap) and ps portrait. I had the suggestion that the DISPLAY variable might not be set. = 2 My request is if the variable screen is not corrected report a specific error or report that may be influenced This frame? = 2 I mean, is it a problem to report or configure a problem if there is only one report? This error ” REP-3000: Internal error when starting Oracle Toolkit ” = 2?

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Rep 3000 Internal Error Oracle Toolkit


I guess you use UNIX as operating system = 2 You must install Virtual Framebuffer X Server = 2 sided = X Server virtual buffer frame can render to a region instead of the graphical screen, this server X well suited to systems running certain classes of applications with X11 rendering techniques for creating graphics files = 2 Try it first in your Unix = 2

$ xclock

You should see a digital clock = 2

We had the same problem with HP UX = 2 We used the Unix patch (PHSS_30871) and the problem was solved.

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