Removing virus without losing backup files.

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Is there any way to remove the virus with out losing the backup file which are inflected (.exe,.db,.msi Files)

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Removing virus without losing backup files.


Hi KKmbappi,

There are many ways on how to remove virus without losing the backup file which you mentioned especially for the infected files. First is to install a virus scanner on your Computer and make sure it is updated time to time. Don't use virus scanner that is just a freeware because it's not totally guarantee that it will detect updated virus most of theme can detect only outdated virus rather than the new one.

Second is to save the file which is infected try to heal those file, try to make way to save it especially for the important files if it really infected then the last option is don't allow the virus to be spread on your computer especially worms. Worms can delete files without informing the user, you will just shock finding out your file couldn't be accessible. Then install "DEEP FREEZE" to prevent scattering the virus. It's better to leave it there if you cannot heal it ,don't spread it, just leave it there that the reason why you need to Freeze it that's the purpose on DEEP FREEZE.



Tony Stevenson



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Removing virus without losing backup files.


Ubuntu helps in backup you data and kill the virus with out installing it in your PC. Ubuntu is a linux based OS and it is a open source so you can download from the Ubuntu home page.

Step1: Download the Ubuntu ISO Image and write it on a CD.
Step2: check your CD/DVD drive is first in boot order.
Step3: Load the Ubuntu CD and Boot from it.
Step4: Select the “Try Ubuntu without making any changes to computer”.
Step5: After few minutes Ubuntu desktop will load and from there you can access all your drives.
Step6: Now connect to your PC and go to places in top left menu and you can access all your drives and  all your data.
Step7: Insert the removable media and it will op[en like window.
Step8: Here i used my USB drive to transfer a file and you can see 2 Exe files with a lock on top.
Step9: Select the files and delete it(Shift + delete).

Now you can restart your system and remove the CD and Your virus is permanently deleted .

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