Registering PowerBook G-4 into a Windows 2000 domain

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I have an original Power Book G4 running Panther. To register into a Windows 2000 domain, I want to set up Active Directory. I have put the forest, domain and ID okay, and then chose 'bind'.

At first it requests:
'Network Administrator Required'

Then it gets to '3 of 5: Verifying credentials' and asks:
'Authenticate', 'Directory access requires that you type your password.'

It finds to step 5 of 5 and then pops up a new window which displays "Insufficient Privileges" with "The administrator account you specified does not have the appropriate privileges to perform the requested operation."

Is this indicating to the 'Network Administrator' / 'Authenticate'? Also I have been trying all kinds of login for both, as well as admin with source user on the 'Authenticate' step and the sysadmin here went at the 'Network Administrator' login. It always shows the same error message.

Please help. Thanks.

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Registering PowerBook G-4 into a Windows 2000 domain


There is something that you must take care off when doing the active directory thing over cross platforms.

  1. First make a user or admin in your panther that has all the privileges and access.
  2. Use that to go to the windows domain.
  3. Restart the whole process from the start so that you can use the newly made user account.
  4. Write down the credentials onto a piece of paper to eliminate any kind of error chance.
  5. Once done, remove the privilege rights from that user.
  6. You can also try defining a group or user and then using it to control the active directory but that is not a healthy approach if you have a limited number of users.

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