References To WCF Interview Questions Pdf

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Hey, I am currently preparing for WCF or Windows Communication. I really am looking for sample WCF interview questions pdf online. Any ideas?

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References To WCF Interview Questions Pdf


Hey there, There are plenty of resources available online. You can refer those. I am listing a couple of them here, you can explore others if you manage to exhaust the ones given here.

Real Time Interview Questions

WCF Interview Questions

A 2 Z Interviews

WCT Exclusive Interview Questions

The websites here are in HTML format. If you wish to save these web pages as pdf, follow these on Google Chrome browser:

1. Be on the page you wish to convert.

2. Press ‘Ctrl+P’ or click on ‘Print’ option. You will see a window like this.

3. In the dialog box, In ‘Destination’, click on ‘Change’.

4. Select ‘Save as PDF’.

5. And finally, Click on ‘Save’. This will save the web page to your PC or desktop in PDF format.


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