Recover the data from old CDs.

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In my earlier times, I used to sing in cultural programs. All those functions were recorded and I have them in CDs. Few days back, I thought I should see those videos again. But almost all the CDs were not detected by my PC. Some of them were detected but when I tried to play those videos, Media player showed error. Can anyone please tell me how to recover data from CDs as those videos are very precious for me? Thanks in advance.

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Recover the data from old CDs.


If you want to recover the videos stored in your CDs which you recorded many times back, it depends on the state of the discs. If the videos were really old and the CDs were kept in an undesirable place, like if the place was very hot or very cold at times, then the discs were likely to develop physical damage in the data area as a result of weathering.

You should also check if the data surface of the CDs are clean or dirty. Since the CDs were kept, I think, for a very long time then it is possible that the surface is dirty and full of dust. To help you clean your CDs, please refer to Cleaning A CD Without CD Cleaner and follow the instructions carefully.

You should also check the type of your CDs and the type of optical drive your computer is using. If your CDs are just the ordinary CD-R or CD-RW then your optical drive can be an ordinary CD-ROM, CD-writer, DVD-ROM, or DVD-writer. But if your videos were stored in DVD-R or DVD-RW, you can’t use an ordinary CD-ROM or CD-writer.

The CDs will not be recognized because the disc type is not supported. For DVD-R or DVD-RW types, you need to have a DVD-ROM drive or a DVD-writer. You can’t recover all the videos until all discs are detectable and accessible.

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