Recording issue of AVI files to DVD-R

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In my personal computer I have saved video files in Audio Video Interleave (AVI), watching on it and sound works perfectly. Even in my laptop, phone, play station sounds work great. However, half an hour past when I recorded the AVI files into DVD-R the sounds it is not working. I did the proper set up of the DVD-RW and all the drivers even the proper codecs, I was also using Nero then suddenly sounds gone. I don't have any idea of what is going on. Please help.

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Recording issue of AVI files to DVD-R


If the video files are working properly on your laptop and other devices, then it is for sure that the problem is not with them. The problem could be because of the following:

  • The DVD that you copied the files to may be faulty and there when you copy the files on it, they are affected and thus they will not work properly. In that case you will need to get another DVD that you are sure it is in good condition and copy the video files on it.
  • The other possible cause to the problem may be way you copied the files. You said you are using nero, and I know nero has the option whereby you can only copy the video without the audio. And therefore check if you did not select the audio to be copied too, and thus making you have the problem you are experiencing now.

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