Recommended length of time when using laptop

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Is it harmful to use my laptop for 12 straight hours?

What is the recommended length of time when using your laptop? 



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Recommended length of time when using laptop


Consuming too much time in your laptop will cause serious health risks. Utilizing your laptop for 12 long hours have the following effects:

The first usual effect is backache, neck pain and aching arms. when using a "Laptop", you will need to lend down your back and neck. Spending an extended hours in front of a laptop will absolutely add pressure to your back and neck and at the same time will add sore to your arms. 

Bad position indicates bone illness like osteoporosis and fracture; wrong typing position can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an illness on the nerve to your wrists.

Based on some experts, the 90-degree angle position is the proper way to hold a laptop. You should look straight to the screen keeping away from a extreme bending of your neck. And also, they said laptop is not the finest choice when selecting a computer type. Primarily, the reason for this is because the screen and the keyboard are associated together that prevents a correct arm position from the right level of the screen and your eyes. To reduce the outcome, it is advisable to use a table and a suitably type of chair that can give you a relaxing and comfy posture.

Another way is to attach your laptop to a different monitor, mouse and keyboard. Doing this will give you finest position of your body.

If you are working long hours, try to rest for over 20-minutes. In this way, you can rest your eyes, and arms and you can avoid getting the two damaged. Even though the majority of laptop now are LED type which produce a much less radiation that will not cause eye damage but rather an eye stress.

Maintain a regular exercise to make your bones and muscles stronger and can avoid neck pains. Performing wrists exercise can help you to lessen damaging your wrists nerve that often results to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  

So using your laptop for a long period of time without an appropriate position can cause illness and injuries. Take a rest when you feel the above symptoms while working on your laptop.

It is recommended to take a 15-minute break every hour. While doing some paper works, stretch your arms and legs and do other things such as make phone calls or meetings.

It is also recommended to, perform a near to a middle viewing such as to look up and across your room and middle to long distance viewing such as looking outside the window.

This will help you exercise normal principal viewing that you have on looking on a normal place.

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Recommended length of time when using laptop


Usually the maximum time for use laptop is 2 hours but peoples are use laptop for 10 -12 straight hours a day.

Long time of using a laptop a day may harmful for your eye and shoulder and the laptop become slow as well.

But most of us it is very important to stay on with a laptop for a long time like 5 – 6 hours at straight hours. In that case you may consider an external keyboard and external monitor.

It’s an alternative solution to use a laptop for a long time.

But I prefer whether you use laptop or desktop, don’t use your laptop or portable computer for such a long time.

Wish you good luck.

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Recommended length of time when using laptop


Laptops have very well usage limits. These can be used for many hours.

Such devices are designed to work at room temperature for long hours.

An AC room is very well applicable for the usage of laptops. As such the temperature of the usage is of prime concern.

Then you can use the laptop for as much time as you want. All such laptops are so designed that no problems occur with the high load of system performance.

The charging and discharging of laptop battery is needed for a normal life of the battery.

The device can be used for any purposes like a desktop computer which is used for almost 24 hours a day.

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