Receiving notification before logging in to FaceBook

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Greetings to all,

How can I stop receiving and entering device name everytime I log on to Facebook ? I already changed my setting and disabled notification settings but still seeing this notification everytime I log in even if I'm saving it always. Please help me find a way to be able to log on to Facebook without always entering device name.

Many thanks to all of you.

Here is what I'm getting when I log on to FB:

Error :
Name New Device
Please give this device a name.Because you have login notifications enabled,you will receive a notification that you logged in from this machines.
Device name:
Save Device                Don`t Save  
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Receiving notification before logging in to FaceBook


You'll getting this message because Facebook account settings is set-up this way. You'll get a notification whenever a new computer and or a new device is used, such as iPhone, smart phone and other ways to access Facebook.

You'll need to rename the computer every time you log-in to your computer. Disabling this feature is one of the solutions however, you already done this steps.

However, Internet Explorer or other type of browser has this feature that remember all log-ins, history and cookies. Whenever you go to your homepage or access the same webpage saved in your web browser, you'll get the same messages because you keep accessing the same website as cookies, history.

You need to delete or clear all your browsing history.
Open your Internet Explorer
Go to Tools, Internet Options
Look for Delete button and click it

Check all the boxes, cookies, history, data and all
Click on Delete all button below
This clears all history of your browser
Try log-in to Facebook back
You should be able to log-in successfully


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Receiving notification before logging in to FaceBook


HI Randolf,

While logged in to your Facebook account, go to account settings and disable the notification feature under the account security. This feature is one of the latest to be introduced in Facebook and it was meant to boost the security of Facebook users accounts, but sometimes it may be annoying when each time you have to verify your identity or change the password each time you are using Facebook.

But you can good thing is you can enable it and disable any time you want.

Instead of checking Yes as shown in the above image, check NO to disable the Facebook notification feature.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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Receiving notification before logging in to FaceBook


Greetings to you Randolf G,

After reading your issue about the Facebook login problem, I hereby wish to offer a step by step way on how to solve the issue.
Normally this is a Facebook security setting that enables you get notified anytime someone tries to logging into your account from an unknown device.

However it is not recommended to disable it but I will share the steps if you wish to have this option disabled.

1. Log in into your Facebook account and from the “Account” option select “Account Settings”
2. Under “My Account ” window, navigate to “Account Security “ option and click “Change”
3. Another drop down menu opens beneath the “Account Security”
4. Under the “Login Notification” option , uncheck both options (email and text messages)
5. Under the “Login Approvals” uncheck the option that requires you to enter security code sent to your phone.
6. Save the changes.

I believe now you won’t get the prompt again.

Much regards Kamau10

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