Receiving error 0x800ccc78 in Outlook

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When I click “send/receive” button in Outlook, I get the following message: “Sending and Receiving reported error 0x800ccc78. Unable to send the message. Please verify the e-mail address in your account properties.

The server responded: 5.0.0 access denied.”

Please can anyone help me out this problem?

I have not changed any settings.

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Receiving error 0x800ccc78 in Outlook


The error 0x800CCC78 occurs when SMTP server does not get identified in a correct way. It can also be due to the reason that you have not chosen the Server Authentication settings in Outlook Express account. It may also occur when you inadvertently type wrong e-mail address in the box titled “Reply to” field. Another reason for this error can be that the destination mail address is not configured properly.

To fix this error follow the steps given below:

1. Open your Outlook Express.

2. Click on the option “Tools” from the menu bar at the top.

3. Then from the drop-down list select the option called Accounts.

4. From the dialog box which appears select the tab titled Mail, select your email account and click on Properties button.

5. From the dialog box which appears, select the tab Servers and then place the check mark for “My Server requires Authentication”

6. Now click on “Apply” and “Ok” button.

Also the error happened suddenly when it used to work – wait a bit (24 hrs) and see if it clears up. If not, check with your email provider and find out if they made any changes. Also – are you authenticating with the outgoing server?

There can also be a way to solve this error via registry clean.  This is definitely the best way to get rid of it because it is the most dependable method for wiping out these kinds of errors that show up within programs that are running on the computer.  Everything comes back down to the registry, as it's the library of the computer.

All the settings and important information is stored there, and when it becomes messed up then a lot of programs will return errors as they try to do their functions. So, simply download a registry cleaning tool and let it do a full scan and you can usually find a few hundred errors from the first scan.  After scanning you can simply let it clean them out, and then do another scan after just to make sure that it didn't skip anything.

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Receiving error 0x800ccc78 in Outlook



Here are the Resolution Related To: 0x800CCC78

What you need to do are the following;

  • Restart the computer
  • Disable any Firewall or Antivirus software
  • Check account settings, make sure email address is correct
  • Go to Tools, Accounts, highlight your account name and click on properties
  • On the General tab, make sure that your email address is correct
  • Test account in web mail to see if they are able to send.

Other possible causes could be 3rd party proxy server or connected to a VPN.

NOTE: Some ISP's and Domains do not allow port 25 SMTP Traffic to be transmitted across their network unless the traffic is routed to the ISPs own SMTP server.

You need to verify this to your Internet Service Provider.

Hope this helps.

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