Read About Unidentified Network Error In Detail.

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Hi everyone,

I wish to ask about unidentified network error in brief. If anybody is having any clue regarding this, then please explain it in reply.

Thank you in advance.

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Read About Unidentified Network Error In Detail.


Method 1 – Try to disable McAfee Agent

One common cause is the McAfee Agent service. You can easily disable the service by clicking on Start, typing MSCONFIG and then selecting the Services tab. Locate the McAfee Agent and uncheck the box next to it.

Method 2- Just Upgrade Your Card Driver

Open Start, type devmgmt.msc in the search box, press Enter and then click on Network Controllers and then right-click on the network card with the problem.

Next, select the Driver tab and click on Update Driver.

If that doesn’t solve your error, you can also try to uninstall the driver and then install it again after a restart.

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Read About Unidentified Network Error In Detail.


That happens when you connect your computer to a public network like a public Wi-Fi. If you have a laptop and you connect it to a public Wi-Fi network, your machine will identify it as an unidentified network. One possible reason is that a public Wi-Fi is configured differently from a protected or secured Wi-Fi network. One difference is the password.

Since it is a public Wi-Fi, the network is obviously not protected with a password so anyone can just connect anytime. Also, since it is a public Wi-Fi, it may be configured differently and no default gateway can be seen. Public Wi-Fis, most of the time, are operated and controlled by the government so expect a different configuration.

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