Rc buffer underflow error when streaming from webcam

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I am having trouble with mp2v stream. I’m streaming from my webcam which gives an MJPEG video as output. After connecting the stream I get the following underflow error:

"rc buffer underflow"

This error leads to the application crashing every time. The only way I can prevent it from crashing is to either lower the video resolution to something very small like 320×240 or to increase the bitrate to something that’s very high, around 4000. I cannot afford such high bitrate on my bandwidth.

Can anyone please suggest a solution to my problem? I would ideally want the resolution of the video to be 640×480 with a bitrate that’s not bandwidth intensive.

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Rc buffer underflow error when streaming from webcam


Hi Ms. Preety, 

I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with utilizing your webcam, hopefully the ff steps might help you out. 

Run a video (any video especially mpeg or mpg).

Look at the programs running on the fly (usually located with the icons near where the clock on your desktop is located- usually on the lower right hand corner)

you will most likely see a video converting program such as ffmpeg. 

Uninstall that program or disable it whenever you are going to use your webcam and you should be good to go. 


I hope I was able to help!


Paul Pinalb

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