R.A.T 7 Mouse behaves erratically and freezes

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I have been using my R.A.T 7 Mouse for a couple of months, but recently it has started behaving weirdly. Sometimes when I use it, the cursor randomly stops. All the clicks and the buttons function as they should, but the cursor seems stuck. I tried to change the power settings in the control panel, and it worked for maybe a week, and now I am back to square one. What could be the problem?

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R.A.T 7 Mouse behaves erratically and freezes


Dear Louie,

This problem has two aspects.

1. Hardware and 2. Software

I propose following steps to understand and resolve the issue.

1. Try to connect this mouse on any one else's computer. This will help us to identify whether mouse is faulty or not.

2. If mouse works well on other computer then start your windows in safe mode or clean boot the windows. This is the basic

     Mode in which window load only basic boot files and drivers and disable all third party softwares. If your mouse work well in 

    Safe / clean mode then there is surely be a software issue / windows crash . Then it is suggessted to reinstall your windows.

3. If problem persists even in safe / clean mode then , there are high level of chances of hardware issue with your system / CPU.

    Try to connect on the different CPU Port on your PC (considering you are using wired mouse). If problem persisted then it will     be better to check the PC physically by any trained technician.

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