R-drive image Version 4.7 – The image file is not supported

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Hello Everyone,

I am here with a problem with my R-drive image Version 4.7. I had a backup of important data of one of my hard drives. The backup was created using R-drive image 3.0 build 3037 version.

As I have already lost R-drive image 3.0 build 3037 version software, I used an R – drive image 4.7 build 4731 version which was available to me, As I was to get the backup this version says,

“The image file is not supported”

Can you tell me why this happened and how to get out of this? I am a beginning level computer user.

Please provide me with every single detail.

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R-drive image Version 4.7 – The image file is not supported



Based on your question, you want to know why the backup file of R-Drive 3.0 build 3037 is not working in 4.7 build 4731 version. The R-Drive image makes a new raw partition when the located disk drive is removed from the computer. Make sure that the backup file is created before the restoring process begins. It's not possible to switch the disk signature collision panel by clicking on the option without radio button. Make sure you didn't get any error when you were making the backup. If it does not happen, you need to use an OEM Kit. Remember that your program may not have crashed when using R-TT snapshot. Sometimes the R-Drive image does not connect if the image file size is 4TB+. Hope you will be able to resolve your problem.

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