Question regarding how to defrag android system if possible

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Please assist me and tell me how to defrag android system. Is this possible and is it useful?

I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet and it is very slow.

Applications are not running as they are supposed to, the tablet freezes and lags on several websites.

And someone told me I should defrag the android system.

Is this required or there are other methods in order for my tablet to work fine?

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Question regarding how to defrag android system if possible


Hi Michael!

Sorry to disappoint you, but defrag is not recommended on Android phones and tablets. Not that it would harm your device, but it's not useful at all. Android uses actually flash memory, and this type of memory doesn't need any defrag at all. What's even worse is that trying to defragment your phone's memory may damage it and decrease its lifetime. Still, there are a lot of scam applications on the market claiming to defragment and, therefore, speeding up your device. They may or they may not defragment it for real, but what's for sure is that they could collect important data from your tablet and use it for purposes we don't even know. So be careful with what you're installing and what permissions you're granting!

There are other things you can do to improve your tablet's functionality. You can optimize your home screens. I know that live wallpapers and widgets may seem really appealing to the eye, but they slow down everything and take a lot of your battery.

Another thing you can do is to go to the Task Manager and see which applications take up a lot of your CPU time and therefore slow down the entire system. I would recommend you to delete them, or if they are too important, uninstall them and install a different version from a different developer.

Also, you can install a different browser. The browser that comes together with the tablet's system isn't updated unless you update the whole system. So you can install a different browser, there are a lot of them on the market, like Firefox or Google Chrome, depending on what software you have.

Good luck!

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Question regarding how to defrag android system if possible


Have you tried rebooting the tablet in a while? Sometimes that will work some of the kinks out. I would not recommend a defrag of the system at all. But what you could do is clear the cache in recovery mode. Another reason it may be slow is because a lot of apps may be running at once. Try opening the multitask bar and closing apps that you're not currently using. 

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