Question about Net scape email

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I have been using the Netscape email service. I don't have Netscape as an ISP, just the plain Jane email service that is obtainable just by going to 

My question is can I use the Mail program on tiger to retrieve and send emails using my Netscape email. If so how is it set up. 

Can someone point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

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Question about Net scape email

  • Open Netscape > bottom left corner > click'Mail & Newsgroups' icon 
  • click 'Add Account' 
  • Make sure the dot is on 'Email account' and click 'Next'.
  • Type your 'Your Name':
  • Type your 'Email Address':
  • Click 'Next'.
  • Select 'POP' 
  • Type in'Incoming Server'
  • Type in'Outgoing Server'
  • Click 'Next'.
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Question about Net scape email



This is a very good question. If I am not wrong then you are using webmail by using the Netscape browser. Then you want to use download your mail as third party mail software with use Netscape. If so then below are the configuration.

Please open Netscape Messenger then click

  1. Edit Manu then click Preferences. Then
  2. Click + button which is besides Mail & Newsgroups. Then
  3. Click Identity. A new Window will come. Write all the information here. Then
  4. Click Mail Servers. Here write put outgoing mail server address and user name. And in the incoming mail server place, 
  • Click Edit then writes the incoming mail server address and username and Server type POP3.

This all are basic mail configuration for Download and send mail to use Netscape Messenger.

Hope you can do it now.

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