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I just have a question about Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server. You see, I installed four Microsoft Exchange 2010 servers for testing purposes and I also implemented high available database (DAG). The first Exchange server is dedicated to hub transport, mailbox, and client access functions; the second Exchange server is dedicated to mailbox functions; the third Exchange server is dedicated to EDGE; and the fourth Exchange server is dedicated to Transport Dumpster and File Share Witness.

The configuration seems to be working just fine. In fact, the replication between Mailbox 1 and Mailbox 2 is correct. I have tried shutting the service 9cluster service and transport service of exchange) in one of the servers and the second server replicated the data instantly. I just want to know if the database will remain and be recognized even if I shut down the server dedicated to File Share Witness.

I hope you can help me. Thank you.

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Question about Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server


The answer to your last question is simply no. Because the original source of the database is needed every time the data is being access from that database unless you have a cache that maintains a certain amount of that database in it.

  1. Try to proceed with the following steps in order to solve the problem.
  2. The database that you are going to access must be copied somewhere else.
  3. The copied destination must be opened before the actual usage of data is being used.
  4. After the copying process is done you can now close the original source and then use the one on which you copied the data.
  5. However there is a slight chance that you might have to change the values of the variables that were using the original database path.

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