Query with vSphere and Synergy Hosting

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I am working with Windows 7 64-bit for Synergy hosting and programs. As I was applying the VMware vSphere program to obtain the GUI System of the Online Device, the host of the computer is not able to put suggestions (keyboard or computer mouse) from the VM GUI System (in fact it often operates briefly then quits).

VSphere program VM System performs good from synergy application, and as I end the Synergy program, the computer host works great together with the VM System. Is there someone noticed this kind of problem with vSphere application system to VMs, or is it functioning?

I am newbie in terms of Synergy hosting and I would be happy if someone can help me.

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Query with vSphere and Synergy Hosting


This might be not possible in this situation. Because the VMware is not connected to the server and it is not getting any response over the keyboard or mouse.

However you can try connecting the keyboard and mouse when the VMware is on so that the new hardware found message comes and then you install the drivers automatically for it from the windows.

There also 1 thing that you can try. Try using a different combination of the VMware and vSphere and then connect them to the host of which ever point you want to. Then try to access the keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.

Install the latest drivers for the VMware and vSphere, that is your last hope to solve this issue.

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