Queries on creating animations on PowerPoint

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I was lucky to have an exciting opportunity when my client plans a major project using PowerPoint. We will be making a huge presentation with complex dashboards and he assigned me to make a report documenting the requirements and the limitations of PowerPoint 2002. So I am asking for your advice Experts, here are my questions: -What are the minimum system requirements to run PowerPoint 2002? -With regards on making animations on PowerPoint, how many animations can I use per slideshow? I am talking about its maximum limit per slideshow. -Lastly, what is the maximum size of an image that you can insert (height and width) per animation? I will be very happy to receive any help from you guys. And please feel free to add some pointers on limitations of PowerPoint. Thank you very much.

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Queries on creating animations on PowerPoint


Hello Brandon,

The system requirements for running a powerpoint 2002 presentation I presume will be a computer with a CPU speed of above 2GHz, memory of not less than 3GB and a hard disk drive of not less than 160 GB. Will this specifications you can be  sure that your presentation will not stall or hang, and they are also good for multi-tasking just in case you might need to run other programs concurrently with the presentation.

The slideshows can be as many as more that twenty, so you can just set them up and see where powerpoint refuses you to create more slides. As for the image, it should not be an image that is bigger than the slide margins for it will be running out of the slide hence not good for presentation. Esnure that you have edited the image to fit in the slide before pasting it.


Lee Hung

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