Pasting work from MS Excel to MS Power Point

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When I paste data from MS – Excel to MS – Power point which has about 10 textboxes around the page, the data is displayed in a disorderly manner.

I have selected the cells form excel in an order and then pasted the same in power point.

It is still now working;

I need help to re order the shapes.




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Pasting work from MS Excel to MS Power Point


Here are the steps to copy your worksheet data to a power point presentation:

1. Select the excel worksheet data that you want to copy to the power point.

2. Click Copy in the clipboard group of the home tab. Or press CTRL+C as a keyboard shortcut.

3. Paste the worksheet to the power point presentation that you want by clicking Paste in the clipboard of the Home tab or CTRL+V on your keyboard.

4. Click on Paste options next to the data and click Keep Source Formatting.

5. In case you did not see the Paste options button, try to turn it on by clicking the Microsoft Office button located at the upper left hand corner of the page and click power point options. Then in the Advanced category select the Show paste option button check box.

6. Please also note that if you paste the data in the power point table, the Paste option button will not display.

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Pasting work from MS Excel to MS Power Point


Hello Risper Grant,

I think when you copying the tables from the excel document to the PowerPoint document you will have to ensure that you paste the data in a special format. In excel, just select the cells that you want to copy and then go to the excel document, in a blank space or a text box put the cursor there and then go to the  main menu and the click on edit and then choose the 'paste special' option.

You may not see the lines when you paste the cells in the PowerPoint document, and therefore you will have to click on the home button and when the tabs expand, look for the border icon, click on it to open more options and then choose the 'All Borders' option. Your table will be automatically customized to have lines.

Hope this helps.


Clair Charles

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