Python freeze error in the main script

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Hi there,

I got this error while saving the player editor and Python library. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong with this ? Last time when I made the changes everything worked just fine and now with this I checked twice the data and still ? Any solution ?

Thank you !

Cx_Freeze: Python error in main script (traceback unavailable)

Error in sys.excepthook.

Exception: None Type object has no attribute ‘write’

Original Exception: DB content identifier does not match expected value of “Assets1” (Got Assets2)

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Python freeze error in the main script


The main reason for this error can be the "executable"  that may be included in different directory. Follow the steps below to fix the problem.

  • Build a subdirectory.
  • Write the executable in that subdirectory.
  • Now run the executable in dist.
  • Remove the ( targetDir = "dist" ) from 
  • you can simly do ( cs_freez.executable ( )
  • You will also need to specify the packages = [ lxml]
  • now your script will work accordingly.

There is another way to the problem.

  • Add two packages in script.
  • The first is directive for package.
  • Second is package directive forces.
  • load all submodules in the package anyway.
  • Try to add both includes and packages ( as shown in the image) in your script. It will work for you.

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