Python Error in Blender Exports to Ogre

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I have a network I completed in Blender. I am facing some problems when I tried to export it to Ogre.

I know the export script (which I have) runs. However this network has been combined with some other elements. As in the element has been combined with the body. When I try to export it, the script shows Python Error.

Is there any special way I should combine the networks for the exporter to run?

Need your help.

Thanks in advance.

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Python Error in Blender Exports to Ogre


Your only need is JME3 Blender,

I would suggest installing blender to a non-windows protected directory, prefer to change c: / to any other where you can get easy access to the scripts file.

Generally use ZIP Blender install, that way it don’t get messy user directories mucking me around, and you only need to double click blender.exe to get the thing to run, or make shortcut at your desktop.

One you put the Ogre-Exporter python script into the scripts directory; you will have to activate it in Blender. Go to Files, user preferences, addons, Export-Import and activate the script.

You can use the INSTALL ADDON button on the about USER PREFERENCES/ADDONS screen to find all install you script.

I think you will have to activate it through.

You must select your model in object mode to have it exported by the script.

Textures must be UV Mapped onto your model to show up JME3.

It seems that the Ogre Script does not support Normal Mapping, which is really annoying me to the max.

Create a directory for your model in your game/assets folder and place your converted mesh and textures in there. Then from JMP, convert it directly to aJ3ofile, which is directly loadable by the engine and will contain all your materials etc that you set up in Blender.

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