PS4 and its features and price in the US. XBOX Vs PS4

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Hi experts,

PS4 and its features and price in the US. What are the features and cost?

How good is it than the Xbox?


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PS4 and its features and price in the US. XBOX Vs PS4


Hi Habert,

Here are the features of PS4 which is the most anticipated gaming console from Sony:

1) It has DualShock 4 controller. 

Unlike the previous PS3 with its DualShock 3, it has new button which replaces the start button and the select button which is called the Option button. It also has a new button called Share which allows players to upload or share their gameplay among their friends online. The analog sticks are tighter than on the previous controller for more precise movement on gaming. For more immersed movement, the controller has  3-axis gyroscopic motion sensor including a 3-axis accelerometer. There is a 1920×900 resolution touchpad attached on the front of the controller just like in new handheld gaming console which is the PSVITA. 

2) It has PS4 Streaming.

This feature allows players to upload their gameplay on live streaming where other players can post comments. 

3) It has PS4 Blu-ray Drive.

It has 3x faster than any other Blur-ray Drive released.

4) It has PS4 Instant On/Off.

It allows players to shut down their PS4 while gaming and continue their gameplay after turning it on.

5) It has better PS4 launch title games than the Xbox One.

6) It is cheaper than the Xbox One.

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