Coax cable radio antenna rotator

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What's the best type of coaxial cable that I can use for my 2meter band radio transceiver if I'll be using a directional type of antenna with rotator?


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Coax cable radio antenna rotator



You are using a 2 m band radio transceiver. If we apply the formula: Frequency (Hz) = Wave speed (m/s) / Wavelength (m), where wave speed is the light speed.

We will end up with a frequency of 150 MHz.

For this frequency there is a wide range of coax cables that can be used, but the best to is would be an RG6 or RG213.

The main thing is that you buy a cable having the lowest loss that you can pay for it, the more the loss is lower; the better will be the signal.

Thank you

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Coax cable radio antenna rotator



Mr. Boss,

 Thanks for your help. I have built myself a radio and was facing the same problem of choosing the suitable cable. I was about to post if anyone could help me but then I found this question and found your answer completely acceptable.

I would like to thank you very much and thanks to too


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