PS3 is not working in my SONY Bravia TV

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I have SONY Bravia KDL42W653 television and I bought PS3 play station yesterday.

I have connected it to TV using HDMI. But, it is not working. TV and PS3 both turned on but somehow the image is not getting displayed on TV. If I use component cables I am able to get the image. The HDMI cable is working fine With other devices. The SONY TV HDMI port is also fine because when I have connected laptop to TV using HDMI it is working. I have reset the video settings in the TV and restarted PS3 but nothing worked. 

Did anybody face the same problem?

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PS3 is not working in my SONY Bravia TV

It seems that is a kind of bug when using PS3  Playstation with HDMI TV sets.
The solution could seems not true, but worked for other people.
Connect everything and turn the TV on, then turn the PS3 on also. You should see the start sequence of the play station and then a blank screen. Insert the game you want to play with. At his point you should be having the issue. Turn the TV off and then, turn the TV on again. It should work. You will have to do this every time you start the PS3 or change the Game.
Maybe in the future will be a permanent repair of this issue.



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