Pros and Cons of OS, Kernel system design

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I would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of Windows Operating System design, Kernel System design and Micro Kernel approach over system design. Earlier design is deeply appreciated.

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Pros and Cons of OS, Kernel system design


Hello Jennifer,

Windows Operating system has a very good user interface that is easy to understand for all calibers of users. Be it learners or gurus, they can be able to use windows operating system without needing much assistance from a professional because the operating system has commands that just guides the user around on what to do. They is the help and support center where users who are still new to the operating system can get help on how to use the operating system. The only disadvantage with windows is that it is vulnerable to attack by viruses.

Kernel mode operating system on the other hand which is Linux, does not face the risk of being affected by viruses hence most people are switching to it nowadays. Its disadvantage is that you have to know a lot of commands especially when you want to install most applications.


Mahesh Babu

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