Programs that we bought gets damaged easily

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My brother is performing some kind of restoration on his laptop and now the entire program in the system including media player and all major software are all deleted.  And my concern is, if you purchased the software and the shop will set up and assure that the laptop will start normally with the entire basic program that they installed, how come those programs are still easily get damaged or corrupted?

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Programs that we bought gets damaged easily


The programs that the laptops come with are mostly starter programs or beta programs that have their setbacks like the following:

  • The programs will get damaged easily
  • Some programs, like some operating systems will limit you on the applications that you can install on the computer.
  • Performing updates may be an issue.
  • They may limit the hardware functionality of the system, like usage of the network cables.

So it is better once you have the laptop, you get the full versions of the applications and operating system and install them. The good thing is that nowadays most of these applications are free online and you can just search them and download them. Once you have the full versions, trust me you will not have such problems.

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