Programming language: Copyrightable or not?

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Oracle claim that Google despoiled copyright by using variant of the Java language. Is programming language is copyrightable or not?


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Programming language: Copyrightable or not?



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In the case of software it can be copyrighted means the code which is responsible for making particular software works are protected so to use that copy of software you need to buy it.

Further the said above software is developed using language which widely used by the persons who know how to use it and develop software by using that language and if that language is copyright protected then what hope is left for the new learners that are eager to learn the said language.

For example if you buy visual studio that means you can use, c#, j#  to develop the application if the language package is copyrighted then it does not make any sense for whole programming community.

If the language itself offers functionality which is not targeted towards whole programming community then it fine to make it copyright protected.

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