Programming Language C, C++, Java, Visual Basic

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I want to know the inheritance in C so that I can use it in my job;

Please respond to me.

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Programming Language C, C++, Java, Visual Basic





  • C is one of the many programming languages that are still popular until now. With so many C programmers bringing the influence, the more easily we find solutions to problems we get when writing a program in C language for more and more developed compilers for various platforms (affect on the portability).
  • C is a programming language that has a high portability. C program that we wrote for one type of platform, we can compile and run on other platforms with no or only slight changes. This bias is realized with the ANSI standard for C.
  • C is a flexible programming language. By mastering the C language, we can write and develop various kinds of programs ranging from Operating Systems, word processors, graphic processors, spreadsheets, or a compiler for a programming language.
  • C is available in almost all types of computers.
  • C is a programming language with a few keywords. A keyword is a function or a basic word provided by the compiler of a programming language. This brings the influence of how easy write programs with C. In addition to at least a keyword then the execution process of C programs is very fast compared to similar programs of other artificial languages.
  • Support the library functions and classes that enable the manufacture of many macro applications.
  • C language is structured; it will become much support OOP.
  • C language is included in the middle-level languages and is closer to machine language.
  • C is a programming language that is modular. C programs written in the usual routine are called by a function (functions that we have made, we can make, we can use again (reuse) programs or other applications).


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Programming Language C, C++, Java, Visual Basic


Hi there,

Here is the Answer; it could help you I am sure. C programming Language is an Object Oriented Programming Language, where Inheritance and polymorphism are used. Inheritance means object defined in a base class as public, which is used in derived class to reuse the objects. In real the inheritance is the re-usability of objects in the derived class (private objects can't be used).

Examples are many but one example is here.

  • There is a base class cars and there are different classes of Toyota, Suzuki and Honda derived classes. All these classes Toyota, Suzuki and Honda derived classes have all the characteristics of base class cars and more of their own characteristics too.
  • Inheritance is as important as polymorphism. Inheritance makes objects reusable.

Good luck.


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