Code required for socket emulator free?

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Hi Experts,

I need a socket code written in C or C++ which helps me in linking connection between two distinguishable emulators on two different computers.

Please help me by sharing socket emulator free source code.

Thanks in advance.

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Code required for socket emulator free?



I have attached a server-side code that establishes connections with, and accepts messages from, clients with select().  I have used port 9999 for listening. You can use any free port. I have not defined functions and have let the main function do all things. Toward the bottom please  have a look at the "for" loop which is a bit large.
The code is not for sending data to individual clients from the server. But it is doable if coded. As you can't send data to a client using "select()", you need to do something different. You can send data with a socket "send()", just as the code reads data with "recv()". For example:
char *msg = "This is a piece of message.";
int len, bytes_sent;
Some lines of code to do something
len = strlen(msg);
bytes_sent = send(sockfd, msg, len, 0);
To learn more about socket programming here is an excellent website.
Hope it helps.
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