The program has encountered a problem

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My problem is that on my second computer I can not open any program without that their is the message " the program has encountered a problem and need to close". I can not run any search engine and nothing at all, the detection of virus tells me that there is no virus there.

Thank you for help.

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The program has encountered a problem


Hi There, 

I think recently you have run a virus scan and your antivirus detected the viruses and with the viruses it might have deleted your important system files. 

This is why you can use search options and this is why most of your applications are failed to load correctly. 

The only solution is Operating system repair or re-installation of your OS respectively.

1. Insert your windows setup disk .

2. Reboot. 

3. Click respective button to open boot options. 

4. Click your DVD or CD drive as 1st boot device.

5. Now windows setup launches.

6. Follow the steps to successfully re-install or repair your PC. 

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The program has encountered a problem

Hi Arturo,
Hope the following steps will guide you in fixing of this issue:
  • Virus is responsible for occurrence of this type of errors and later in a final stage the system may not be turned on due to spread of the affected will cover all the system.
  • Trojan horses,computer worms, spyware and the adware are the main events of computer security which includes protection from different types of social engineering techniques and it is also commonly can be offered in terms of products and services of providing different types of antivirus software companies. 
  • A different variety of the strategies that are typically employed as one is the signature based detection which involves in searching for known patterns of data within the executable code but it is possible for a computer to get infected by using new malware for which no type of signature is yet known.
  • Some types of antivirus software can also be predicted what type of file will be performed by running it in a sandbox and analyzing what it resulted to see if it is performed any malicious actions.
Thank you.

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